New Holland/RDS tie-up improves electronics

2 January 1998

New Holland/RDS tie-up improves electronics

ELECTRONIC services on New Holland combines have now been enhanced following co-operation between New Holland and RDS Technology.

Key to the system is the InfoView monitor which has now been integrated with the RDS Ceres 2 yield monitor. This results in the operator being able to glean information such as part and total tonnage, part and total area covered, output in t/hour, yield in t/acre/ha, and crop moisture.

Photoelectric sensors on the grain elevator measure grain volume, which is turned into a weight figure once the operator has determined the density of the crop. He weighs a set volume of the crop and inputs that information into the system.

When combined with details of forward speed and area harvested a yield figure is produced. An optional grain moisture sensor provides a continuous readout.

For yield mapping enthusiasts, the Ceres 2 can be supplemented by adding the RDS Hermes and Jupiter systems – yield is recorded in respect of combine location in the field.

Price of the yield monitor system starts at £2650 with the moisture sensor costing a further £650. The RDS Hermes adds another £1250 and the Jupiter 2 GPS system, £6750 – £11,300 for the whole works. &#42

Yield mapping using a combination of New Holland and RDS technology.

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