New line-up in auger buckets

3 September 1999

New line-up in auger buckets

CHILLTON is set to unveil a new line-up of auger feeding buckets and silage grabs designed for use with tractor loaders/linkages and materials handlers.

Called the BD range, the four buckets are made from high grade steel and are available in capacities from 1200 litres to 3000 litres.

The buckets, which are suitable for waste food, silage and root crops, feature either side and offset feed distribution for feeding into troughs and passageways.

A single internal auger is made in two different diameter sections and driven by a hydraulic motor from a single spool service.

An optional root chopper, driven by the auger, can be mounted on the bucket door for processing roots before and during feeding.

On the silage grab front, four additions from 392 litres to 2240 litres are available to suit both tractor loaders and telehandlers. Powered by twin rams, the Combi-Grab range includes 7 to 13 fork tine models with 11 to 15 grab tines for clean clamp cutting and reduced crop loss during transport.

Prices for the feeding buckets range from £2275 to £3765 and £865 to £1295 for the silage grabs including brackets and hoses.

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