New liquid supplement aims to help poultry during periods of stress

Stressless is a new advanced anti-stress formula in a concentrated liquid form designed by a leading UK vet for use with all poultry.

Formulated by David Spackman, the supplement contains many additives aimed at alleviating stress in poultry. He says it is ideal for exhibition birds, given before and at least four days after a show. It can also be added to drinking water for four days after purchasing new birds.

Stressless Press Release

Repeat the application each time the bird’s environment changes, even within the same unit – for example, when young chickens are moved to different houses during their growing stages.

It is also invaluable for poultry who have suffered from infections or internal and external parasite, says Mr Spackman.

Keepers simply add the supplement to drinking water at a rate of 50ml per 100 litres of water to be given for up to four days and in cases of high stress, he advises offering it two days a week. It is available in 250ml, 500ml and 1 litre bottles priced from £7.50.

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