New mobile incinerator featured in Poultry World’s monthly round up

A new farm egg packer and a mobile incinerator designed for disease outbreaks are among the new products featured in Poultry World’s June round-up of poultry product launches


MOBA egg packer

New from MOBA is the MOPACK 100 Farmpacker, a high performance machine with a robust design.

It works by accumulating and placing eggs on rollers independent of the packing process, the track (or carrousel) function ensures a continuous process even if one egg is missing in the flow.

The loss of efficiency is therefore limited to fractions of a second resulting in a much better performance that is close to the theoretical maximum capacity, says MOBA.

The construction is easy to clean and is made of stainless steel. And the plastic parts take care of gentle and hygienic egg handling.

The eggs only travel in a straight trajectory without any curves, making sure no unnecessary force is applied. The dimensions allow the forward speed to be as low as possible and are combined with a high capacity output.

The cover consists of a semi-transparent material so it can be visually monitored. The frame holding this track is only 65cm (25.5in) wide and combined with smart logistics it provides an efficient floor plan for any packing room.



ELM has added a new higher performance SKA Hydra slat washing machine to its range featuring four “turbo” nozzles which clean slats more quickly, resulting in a quicker cleaning process.

Each machine features mobile spray nozzles, two on either side of the slat and a conveyor track transports slats at a variable speed through the washing chamber. This allows users to vary the speed to give dirtier slats more washing time, says the company.

Hydra’s don’t have their own pumps and are instead designed to be used with separate pressure washers. This new model requires a pressure washer that can deliver more water at a higher pressure, such as 43.6 litres per minute at 180 bar or about 252 psi.

Waste Spectrum

waste spectrum incinerator

New from Waste Spectrum is the Spectrum Emergency Disposal Unit, designed specifically for rapid deployment to sites, where a disease outbreak has occurred.

The incinerator is capable of disposing large quantities of fallen stock efficiently without the need to transport them from the infected area. The company adds that it can be transported and assembled with ease and is ready for use within a short period of time, therefore, reducing the further spread of infection.

The emergency disposal unit has a burn capacity of 9500kg and a burn rate of 1000kg an hour and a secondary chamber is also available. An evaporation unit can also be obtained to cope with high fluid output that occurs during the combustion of mass carcasses.

The unit has two top access sliding doors were waste can be loaded and a large removable access door for cleaning, maintenance and de-ashing of the primary chamber.

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