New nozzle technology dampens down drift

3 April 1998

New nozzle technology dampens down drift

LURMARK is the latest spray nozzle manufacturer to offer an air-inclusion nozzle to help further reduce drift at high spraying pressures.

Called DriftBeta, the two-piece nozzle is identical in size to a standard flat fan nozzle and fits onto existing bayonet caps without modification or adaption.

"There are no mechanical changes, or pressure adjustments which need to be made when using DriftBeta," explains Trevor Swan, Lurmarks technical director. "By creating large, air filled droplets, the nozzle reduces drift which creates an opportunity for a wider spraying window."

Tests at Silsoe Research Institute showed the volume of spray lost to drift when using DriftBeta nozzles to be as low as 1.4%. This compares to 5.6% lost for Lurmarks own Lo-Drift nozzle and 10% lost when using standard flat fan nozzles.

In operation, the DriftBeta nozzle draws air into the pesticide stream through two intake ports. Mixing air with the spray solution results in large droplets being formed, which are less likely to drift than small droplets.

As the droplets hit their target, they shatter and release the air being carried, so creating smaller droplets which offer strong retention and effective targeting characteristics, ensuring the spray goes where it should.

DriftBeta nozzles are priced at £16.90 for a pack of six, and £2.90 individually. &#42

DriftBeta nozzles in action (right) against standard flat fan (left).

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