New option for couch control…

22 May 1998

New option for couch control…

COUCH and sterile brome control in growing wheat could be possible next season if a new herbicide from Monsanto receives regulatory approval.

Monitor, launched in Ireland this spring, halts weed growth so crops can grow away unhindered, giving a yield response in the season of application.

However, to kill couch outright and prevent weed seed return a pre-harvest follow-up with Roundup Biactive (glyphosate) is needed.

Silky bent

Other grass weeds such as silky bent and rough-stalked meadow grass are controlled, plus some broad-leaved weeds, the company says.

The release of the product coincides with an expected move to more cereal cropping under Agenda 2000 reforms, notes Charlotte Walliker, company director for the UK and Ireland.

Monitor boosts Monsantos growing cereal portfolio, complementing pre-emergence wheat herbicide JV458 (Arable, 8 May) and take-all seed treatment MON65500.

All three products are awaiting regulatory approval.

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