New products show lots of promise

26 November 1999

New products show lots of promise

A USEFUL-LOOKING brome killer was among relatively new cereal herbicides highlighted at the BCPC conference.

A wealth of compounds was submitted for presentation, illustrating the steady flow of potentially useful materials for growers, according to session organiser, Phillip Goodliffe.

Bayers Al Scoggan highlighted a promising new post-emergence brome and wild oat killer in MKH 6561, a sulfonylaminocarbonyl triazolinone for use in wheat. To be sold as Olympus in the US, it provides good control of some brome species, especially the two most important in the countrys biggest wheat producing states, but is less effective on others, he explained. However, he was unaware of any plans to test it in the UK. "Thats a pity," comments Dr Goodliffe.

A florasulam-based cleavers killer, Dow Agrosciences fifth active in its sulfonanilide series, has recently received UK approval as Boxer. Its main advantage over Lotus, BASFs cinidon-ethyl based weather independent cleavers killer, is that it also controls chickweed. It is also quickly broken down and so has no rotational restrictions, said the firms Anne Thompson. Both products are competing in early spring application market with AgrEvos Eagle (amidosulfuron).

Zenecas new experimental pre- and post-emergence maize herbicide mesotrione has natural origins, being developed after scientists found few weeds thrive under the bottle-brush plant, explained the firms Geoff Foxon. One of its main benefits, apart from its timing flexibility, is that it offers control of atrazine-resistant weeds. &#42

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