New range of headers

19 January 2001

New range of headers

JOHN Deeres maize header supplier Kemper has introduced a new range which will be sold through JDs dealer network, with Anker Machinery distributing the headers for other makes of foragers.

The latest 300 series includes the four-row 330, six-row 345, eight-row 360, while a 10-row 375 version will be available exclusively for John Deere foragers this year.

Upgrades on the new headers include the use of smaller diameter harvesting drums with independent row operation and durable tungsten carbide cutting knives.

Along with the new headers, John Deere will sell its upgraded 50 series self-propelled forage harvesters.

A key update of the machines, says the company, is an improved transmission speed range, enabling the harvester to be driven at a maximum permissible speed, with lower rpm and fuel consumption.

Further face-lifts encompass a low-pressure main clutch, thicker shearbar, wider diameter discharge spout with two-speed rotation and a new knife sharpening system.

Prices for the four, six, eight and 10-row headers are £17,350, £26,100, £33,900 and £45,850 respectively.

John Deere dealers will sell Kempers latest 300 series rotary maize headers to fit its improved 50 series forage harvesters.

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