New-season lamb climbs again

By FWi staff

NEW-SEASON lamb sales received a Bank Holiday boost yesterday (Monday) as prices climbed to the highest level for almost a year.

An increase in demand helped push prices higher, despite a slight increase in throughput to 23,167 new-season lambs sold.

Live auctions in England and Wales saw average returns increase by almost 8p on the week to 133.85p/kg. That figure compares with 144p/kg a year ago.

The price gains were as follows:

  • Light-weight lambs up 6.29p to 134.6p/kg.
  • Standard-weights up 7.37p to 135.16p/kg.
  • Medium-weights up 7.76p to 129.82p/kg.
  • Heavy-weights up 5.28p to 117.60p/kg.

The tail-end of the old-season lamb trade saw only 4,750 lambs sold at an average price of 79.05p/kg, down almost 6p on the week. Demand for old-season lamb is “weak,” say auctioneers.

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