New seed-list entrants revealed

3 December 2001

New seed-list entrants revealed

By Andrew Blake

A POTENTIAL bread-making winter wheat with yield equalling the best feeds is a highlight in the new UK Recommended Lists (RL) for 2002.

The list of recommended cereal, oilseed and pulse varieties, funded by the Home-Grown Cereals Authority, was released on Monday (3 December).

Advantas variety Xi19 is joined by the highest-yielding feed wheat ever listed, CPB Twyfords (CPBT) Access, and a new Group two type, Solstice, also from Advanta.

Winning RL candidates in the winter barley sector include six-row Pict, from CPBT, which combines top overall yield with two-row quality.

Also new are CPBTs two-row variety Scylla and Nickersons Carat, which slightly outyields it and resists Barley Yellow Mosaic Virus.

None of the new trio have malting aspirations.

The only newly recommended winter oat Ayr, also from CPBT, ripens as early as former listing Aintree.

PBI Monsantos spring wheat Ambient is recommended for sowing only in late autumn when it offers 3% more yield than other spring types.

Just one spring barley joins the listings – PBIMs potential malter Spire.

Although it outyields market leader Optic by 2%, it still has to convince maltsters in the UK and perhaps abroad of its malting value.

Conventional winter oilseed rapes have regained the lead in the yield stakes through Winner from Saaten Union.

CPBTs restored hybrid Elan gains a place on the list with a unique top-rated 9 for light leaf spot resistance.

This could be especially useful in Scotland where fungicides are said to be losing their effectiveness against the disease.

Growers hoping to grow the crop successfully on club root infested land get the chance to do so with the first resistant variety, Mendel, again from CPBT.

Spring oilseed rape growers can choose from two new varieties, Heros from SU and Dorothy from John Turner Seed Innovations.

The latter is rather lower yielding but earlier and so potentially more attractive in the north where much of the crop is grown, says NIAB.

There is only one new pulse variety on the Processors and Growers Research Organisation-funded listings – Venture is a Danish-bred large blue field pea from Genesis.

Seen as a challenger to Nitouche and Espace, it is said to be the forerunner of a tide of new and exciting peas expected in 2003.

Talon, Virgo and Early Bird are the respectively increasingly early but lower yielding three fresh names that grace the Descriptive List for spring linseed.

The full details of the new Recommended Lists will be published in this Fridays FARMERS WEEKLY (7 December, 2001).


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