New tyre for handlers

29 March 2002

New tyre for handlers

THE latest additions to Firestones agricultural tyre range are an extension to the companys S8000 and R8000 tyre series.

Developed for industrial and on-farm use, the radial 460/70 R24 150 A8 (17.5 LR24) and the crossply 400/80-24 156 A8 (15.5/80-24) have been designed for use on telescopic handlers.

According to Firestone, the tyres extra wide tread, reduced lug height and reinforced sidewalls provide lateral stability and safety under maximum loader arm extension.

Two more tyres are also due to be launched – the crossply S800 Utility will be available in size 440/80-28 156 A8 (16.9-28) for use as a rear tyre for backhoe loaders, and the 400/80-24 and 440/80-28 will be available in radial build. &#42

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