Next years grain crop biggest evers

6 December 2001

Next year’s grain crop ‘biggest ever’s

By Tom Allen-Stevens

THE UK could be heading for a record wheat crop of over 18 million tonnes for 2002, according to a leading grain merchant.

This is going to be a challenge for farmers to market, warned Trevor Harriman, Dalgety Arables commercial director on Thursday (6 December).

“With possibly the biggest wheat crop ever, plan your marketing strategy and stick to it,” he told visitors at the Agrivision farming event.

If his prediction is right, the wheat harvest will exceed the previous record, set in 2000, by more than 1m tonnes, and be 50% higher than 2001.

A full 30% of next years crop will need to be exported, Mr Harriman said, making marketing decisions pivotal to the success of arable businesses.

At the same time farmers will have to balance other influencing factors such as currency, foreign prices, international markets and EU policy.

“Farmers should pay particular attention to the increasingly important range of risk management tools that are available,” advised Mr Harriman

They should use tools such as funds, pools, options and groups to maintain and add value in increasingly competitive markets.


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