NFU backs extended cull if date-based exports accepted

15 August 1997

NFU backs extended cull if date-based exports accepted

By FW staff

FARMERS union leaders will back plans to extend the selective cull to take account of maternal transmission, as long as it will lead the European Commission to accept the UKs date-based export scheme.

Both the National Farmers Union (NFU) and the Country Landowners Association (CLA) this week signalled their support for an extended cull, which could involve up to 11,000 calves born to cows that subsequently contracted BSE.

NFU head of livestock Stephen Rossides said the recommendation by the Governments BSE advisory committee for a further cull, to take into account of offspring likely to contract BSE, was acceptable.

He said a maternal transmission programme would be needed for the Governments date-based scheme, designed to ease the lifting of the beef ban, to be considered by the EU Commission.

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