NFU Election update

2 February 2000

NFU Election update

About the election

THE first officeholders election of the new millennium is the first time a sitting president of the NFU has seen his post challenged.

The candidates:

  • President

    Ben Gill
    Tony Pexton

  • Deputy president

    Tim Bennett
    Richard Haddock
    Tony Pexton

  • Vice-president

    Tim Bennett
    Richard Haddock
    Rad Thomas
    Richard Watson Jones

  • Treasurer

    Michael Lambert
    John Lampitt
    Peter Limb
    Adrian Peck

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    BEN Gill has been re-elected as president of the National Farmers Union.

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    RICHARD Haddock could have become president of the National Farmers Union had ordinary farmers been allowed to decide.

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    GRASSROOTS members of the NFU will be allowed to attend the unions AGM in London for the time ever next week.

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    RICHARD HADDOCK has insisted he has not betrayed his radical roots by withdrawing his challenge for the NFU presidency.

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    MILITANT farmer Richard Haddock has unexpectedly withdrawn his leadership challenge against Ben Gill, president of the National Farmers Union.

    Haddock voted Personality of the Year (31 December, 1999)

    CONTROVERSIAL farmers leader Richard Haddock has been voted Personality of the Year by readers of Farmers Weekly magazine.

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    MORE candidates have emerged in the leadership race which could see Ben Gill ousted as president of the National Farmers Union.

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