NFU to get one member, one vote?

2 February 2000

NFU to get one member, one vote?

By FWi staff

THE National Farmers Union has moved a step closer to a mandatory
one-member one-vote system for the election of representatives to NFU

At the moment, council delegates are elected by NFU members, who
have to find time to attend special regional meetings around the

But delegates at the NFU conference in London voted in favour of a
resolution to introduce a postal ballot for the election of regional
council representatives.

The resolution was supported by Ian Pettyfer, a Devon farmer in his
70s who has campaigned most of his life for a change to the NFUs
electoral system.

Those in favour of the proposal argued that all NFU members should
be given the opportunity to vote, even if they chose not to exercise
that right.

But others said that giving members the opportunity to vote by post
would mean they would be less inclined to turn up at meetings.

The vote proved extremely tight, but the news that the resolution
had been carried was met by cheers from the conference floor.

The resolution, which was rejected by council members last year,
will now pass to council for consideration at the March council

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