NFU urges statutory levy for milk ads

18 February 2000

NFU urges statutory levy for milk ads

By FWi staff

THE National Farmers Union is calling for new legislation allowing a statutory levy to be collected from British dairy processors.

This follows the failure of the processing sector to meet its funding target of 3.5 million a year for jointly funding a national promotional campaign for liquid milk.

The union said farmers have shown “strong support” for a new industry-led campaign to change legislation covering levy collection.

But despite expressing its disappointment with the processors, it has promised to continue working with them to launch the campaign later this year.

“Both milk producers and processors are being hard hit by the present pressures affecting the industry,” said NFU deputy president Tim Bennett.

“Nevertheless producers are firmly committed to working with the industry to promote the great benefits of drinking milk.”

He said milk is having to compete with drinks that are backed by multi-million pound advertising campaigns.

“The logic of investing in a promotional campaign is inescapable.”

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