No-bump ride on MX loader

4 September 1998

No-bump ride on MX loader

OPERATORS of Chilltons MX tractor loaders could be in for a smoother ride when travelling over rough terrain. The company is set to introduce a shock eliminator system which will be optional on new MX loaders and available for retro fitting to existing models.

Operating in a similar fashion to a car shock absorber, the shock eliminator comprises a gas-filled accumulator plumbed into the lift rams hydraulic circuit.

When the tractor goes over a bump, the impact felt by the loader arms is transferred through the hydraulic circuit to the shock eliminator where the gas is compressed, absorbing the impact.

Chillton has also developed a system to speed up the attachment of implements to its loaders. Fast-Lock is operated through the loaders control joystick and features hydraulically operated locking pins. Once the operator has clipped onto the implement using the crowd ram, the hydraulic locking pins are activated.

The Shock Eliminator unit adds another £195 onto the price of a new MX loader, while the Fast-Lock costs £390.

Gas accumulator option for Chilltons MX loader range reduces shock loadings when operating on rough ground conditions.

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