No bumper crops in Northamptonshire

8 August 2001

No bumper crops in Northamptonshire

NORTHAMPTONSHIRE farmer and crop consultant Justin Blackwood has seen no bumper crops on his farm or the surrounding area.

“Its a little disappointing, but not too bad considering the conditions through autumn, winter and spring.”

Oilseed rape has been variable and has yielded between 3-3.9t/ha (1.2-1.6t/acre). Varieties Gemini, Spirit, Madrigal, Apex and contact have all been grown.

“There is not much difference across the varieties. Location and soil have affected the yield more.”

The medium loam soil has yielded higher, and because much of the clay loam was semi-waterlogged during the winter, it did not do so well.

Pearl and Regina winter barley have yielded between 6.1-7.4t/ha (2.5-3t/acre), which is 0.6-1.23t/ha (0.25-0.5t/acre) down on average.

Rain has thwarted progress into wheat this week, but he says a start will soon be made if the weather improves. He says some early Malacca has been combined in the area.

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