No need for fishmeal origin labelling EC

By FWi staff

THE European Commission has rejected calls for the separate labelling of fishmeal produced from different sources.

In a written question MEP Glyn Ford, suggested that what he termed “industrial fishing” should be branded as destructive to habitats.

But farm Commissioner Franz Fischler said the Commission carefully regulated and monitored fishing to ensure it was conducted in a responsible and sustainable manner.

“Fishmeal is produced from fish that for various reasons cannot be used for human consumption.

“The sources are fish trimmings, non-marketable fish and fish species for which human consumption is currently very limited or non-existent,” said Mr Fischler.

Some supermarkets, assurance schemes and other specifiers have sought reassurance and evidence that fishmeal used in animal feed comes from sustainable sources.

The Fishmeal Information Network (FIN) has responded with evidence from independent monitoring organisations including the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation and the International Council for Exploration of the Seas.

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