Novartis GM beet crop destroyed by eco-warriors

28 May 1998

Novartis’ GM beet crop destroyed by eco-warriors

By FWi staff

ECO-warriors squatting in Novartis genetically-modified beet crop at Kirby Bedon, near Norwich, are believed to have completely destroyed the entire plot, according to the agro-chemical giant.

The protesters – who are opposed to releasing GM crops into the environment – say they intend to camp on the site for a month.

A disappointed company spokesman said they have no proof to link the crops destruction with the activists who, incidentally, are not claiming responsibility for the act. There were originally 2,000 beet plants on trial.

The protesters said they intend to camp on other GM trial plots throughout Britain this summer. There are currently more than 300 GM plots in the UK.

The incident follows the trampling of a crop of GM oilseed rape in Scotland and the scything of a AgrEvo trial plot at West Winch, in Norfolk.

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