Novel broadcasting system offers faster seed placement

30 June 2000

Novel broadcasting system offers faster seed placement

ONE of the more interesting developments to be found at the Highland Show was the pneumatic Kockerling drill displayed on the GFM Agriculture stand.

Designed to be used in direct, minimal and conventional sowing operations, the drill uses a system which broadcasts seed over a 17in band from each of its coulters and, in effect, broadcasts seed over the width of the drill.

Key to the system is a wide roller for each coulter, which has a single cutting disc set in the centre. When in work, the weight of the whole drill is supported on the rollers so the disc cuts its way through any surface trash – potato haulm included – says the firm.

Following each of the rollers is a tine with a web foot through which the seed is spread in a band. A bank of tines and a spring press then finishes the job.

Advantages of the broadcast system are claimed to include improved seed spacing, better use of available nutrients and an ability to drill in severely trashy conditions at speeds up to 15kph, says the manufacturer.

Available in 3m, 4m, 4.5m and 6m working widths, price of the 4m, hydraulically folding version is listed at £32,995. &#42

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