Novel crop success

5 October 2001

Novel crop success

ABYSSINIAN mustard, a spring sown high erucic acid producing oil crop, seems to be one of the few success stories of harvest 2001, says Driffield-based Springdale Crop Synergies.

With all crops cleared by early September average yield from contracted growers crops is close to 2.4t/ha (1t/acre), says the groups Clifford Spencer.

"That is equivalent to a good spring oilseed rape crop, but where we wound up the inputs we achieved 26-27cwt/acre."

Whats more, when contracts were fixed at £140/t back in Jan-Feb, they were at a substantial premium to oilseed rape. "What we are trying to do is get the best price onto the farm," he stresses.

Seed cost, at £47/ha is the main input, insecticide, fungicide and fertiliser requirements being similar or lower than spring oilseed rape. Provided crush and oil tests later this autumn are successful a substantial increase in crop area is anticipated next spring. &#42

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