Novel sprayer type

1 May 1998

Novel sprayer type

BENEST Sprayers, probably best known for its dropleg spraying system, has now introduced a range of mounted sprayers offering 1000-litre capacity spray tanks and boom widths of up to 24m (79ft).

Novel in design, the sprayers are equipped with twin tanks positioned either side of the boom mounting assembly. This arrangement reduces the length of the sprayer and brings the centre of gravity as close as possible to the tractors rear axle. It also provides a welcome space for the positioning of the spray pump and valve gear.

In normal use the two tanks are linked together and act as a single entity but, if required, can be operated separately enabling two chemicals to be carried at the same time.

The new sprayers are available in conventional build or, if specified, equipped with droplegs with or without Benests Ventura system – a system which combines compressed air with spray at the foot of the drop leg to produce a blast of chemical which can be directed into the crop. Crops can be blanket sprayed or band sprayed using water rates ranging from 60 litres/ha to 600 litres/ha, claims the company.

Prices start at £9800.

Using two saddle-type spray tanks, Benest Sprayers has reduced the centre of gravity on its latest range of sprayers.

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