Now AgrEvo targets GM campaigners

14 April 1999

Now AgrEvo targets GM campaigners

By FWi staff

BIOTECHNOLOGY company AgrEvo has followed its competitor Monsanto in seeking an injunction against environmental campaigners Genetix Snowball.

The injunction, to be requested at the High Court tomorrow, aims to prevent the campaigners trespassing on AgrEvo land growing genetically modified (GM) crops.

The request for an injunction also aims to prevent Genetix Snowball from encouraging other environmental campaigners from destroying GM crops.

It is understood that the application for the injunction was prompted by Genetix Snowballs day of action planned for this Saturday (17 April)

The action, code-named Silent Spring, is expected to mark the resumption of the destruction of GM test sites across country.

Similar demonstrations by anti-GM protesters last year resulted in the destruction of more than 30 test sites used to grow GM crops.

One protest last September involved more than 40 people entering land at AgrEvos headquarters near Kings Lynn in Norfolk.

The six defendants named on the AgrEvo injunction application are the same as those on a Monsanto injunction obtained in 1998.

Monsanto is hoping that to make that injunction permanent at a separate High Court hearing next Monday (19 April).

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