Now comes a truly versatile diet feeder

21 January 2000

Now comes a truly versatile diet feeder

JFs involvement in the diet feeder business continues with the introduction of the PA15T – a 15cu m model which has the ability to deliver mixed feed to both sides at the same time.

Furthermore, the operator can set the feeder to deliver different quantities to each side so that different classes of stock can be fed at the same time.

A horizontal type paddle machine, seven of the paddles bring feed towards the rear of the machine while another two bring it forwards – an action claimed to result in a gentle mixing action. A bank of seven retractable knives can be used to chop material.

An option for all of JFs diet feeder range is the companys Profeed system which allows diets to be formulated in the farm office on a computer and then down loaded into the feeders unit. The operator is then informed of the weight of each ingredient required to make the required ration.

Left and right hand delivery of mixed feed is possible with JFs PA15T – at the same time.

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