Now residue snags loom

30 March 2001

Now residue snags loom

GROWERS should check the pesticides they are using now will not fall foul of EC directive 42/2000/EC when it comes into force on July 1, says the Central Science Laboratory.

The directive effectively sets a zero residue limit for certain pesticide/crop combinations. Any detectable residue, even from an application made before July 1, would be a violation of the directive, warns CSLs Steve Brewer.

But where liability will lie or what action PSD would take on such violations is not clear, he admits. Several hundred pesticide/crop combinations are affected, such as carbosulfan on brassicas, chlormequat on linseed or oilseed rape, and carbofuran on potatoes. "Double check with your agronomist what changes are coming into play," he advises. The PSD web-site ( or from PSD (01904-455775).

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