NSA advises Scots organics switch

27 February 1998

NSA advises Scots organics switch

SCOTLANDS sheep farmers should consider switching to organic production, says John Thorley, chief executive of the National Sheep Association.

Speaking at the annual meeting of the NSAs Scottish region, Mr Thorley said most of Scotlands sheep producers could qualify for organic status with minimum cost or change to their management systems.

“Consumers think organic is better. You have a wholly natural product and, with a small adjustment, you could be giving it an organic label as well,” he said.

Earlier, Mr Thorley had accused the countrys sheep farmers of apathy when only 25 turned up for the agm in Edinburgh.

“The Scots were the driving force behind the formation of the NSA 30 years ago. The drive no longer comes from Scotland and the turnout today is a sign of apathy. Things will have to be sorted out,” he said.

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