Nutritionist pens feedstuffs directory

21 December 2001

Nutritionist pens feedstuffs directory

TO help you navigate through the bewildering array of branded feedstuffs now on the market, The Feeds Directory: Branded Products Guide, is now available.

Published by Context, the directory provides information on more than 100 products, ranging from Megalac to Regumaize. Each product is described in detail, including nutritional analysis, full product benefits and guidance on use for most animals and ages, says the company.

The guide is written by Wesley Ewing, a registered nutritionist and chartered marketer, who wrote the other Context feed directory detailing commodity feedstuffs.

"The directories will develop producers knowledge and confidence in the suitability of feeds, their quality and source," adds the publishing company.

The directories cost £29.50 each (01530-411337, fax 01530-411289).

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