Oiling wheels of health…

16 March 2001

Farm Womens Club

Oiling wheels of health…

THE newest FWC group in Denbighshire, north Wales, had a demonstration of Indian head massage and aromatherapy at Llyfasi College, near Ruthin. Myra Williams explained to the group the properties of many essential oils and their uses whilst she massaged and pummelled several volunteers.

Most oils need a carrier oil such as moisturising almond oil although lavender or tea tree oils can be used neat. Lavender oil is a must for every home as it calms, soothes and restores whereas tea tree is a powerful antiseptic.

Bergamot relaxes and refreshes and uplifts the spirit with its citric aroma, familiar in Earl Grey tea. Black pepper stimulates and tones and, used in small amounts, is good as a muscle relaxant and maintains suppleness for pre-sporting activity and dancing. Chamomile is well known for its calming influence and geranium oil is balancing and soothing for mind and body, mixed with lavender and bergamot it makes a delightful room freshener. Fiery and fortifying ginger blended with orange makes warming winter baths and peppermint oil is excellent for refreshing tired heads and feet and is energising and stimulating.

It is such an interesting subject and in these trying times I am sure many of us could benefit from the uplifting qualities of a drop of oil in our bath water.

After the demonstration, tea was served by contact leader Gwyneth Jones, Lowri Williams and Generys Edwards. It was a case of "many a hearty laugh drives away the devil" as we parted company, looking forward to a visit to Generys garden in May when she is going to either get us all weeding or planting tubs.

Jean Howells


Wed, Mar 21. Meeting cancelled. Contact Anita Johnson (01525-220304).


Tue, Mar 20. Meeting cancelled. Contact Hazel (01283-732023).


Tue, Mar 20. Meeting cancelled. Contact Phyllis Charter.


Tue, Mar 20, 10.30am. Meet at Littlecote Manor, Hungerford. Round House and gardens has all sports facilities. 1pm lunch in restaurant, cost £12. Wed, May 23. Visit to London Eye, details later. Contact Betty Tickner (01420-562754).


Tue, Mar 20. Spring luncheon cancelled Contact Joanne Probert (01432-850486).


Wed, Mar 21, 10.30am Meet for coffee at Sue Bairds home, New Barn Farm, Shorwell. Contact Sue (01983-740302).


Wed, Mar 28, 7.30pm. Meet for a meal at the Red Lion, Redbourne. Friends welcome, cost £12. Menu details and names to Margaret Gratton (01652-678218).


Wed, Mar 21.Meeting cancelled.Contact Doris Burton (01993-702433).


Thu, Mar 22, 11am. Meet for coffee at Charlecote Pheasant for talk and visit to Expo-Flora. Carvery lunch at Charlecote Pheasant. FMD allowing! Contact Jane (01295-680262) or Muriel (01295-680357).

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