Old mill in working order

14 April 2000

Old mill in working order

AN unusual property has come on to the market. It is a windmill that is still working and producing flour.

Mount Pleasant Windmill at Kirton in Lindsey, Lincs, dates from 1875. It was one of the last four-sail, traditional Lincolnshire brick tower mills to be built. Over the years it was kept busy producing feed for farmers. It lost its sails just before World War II and by 1973 had ceased production.

When Patrick and Jane White bought it 13 years ago it was almost derelict. They replaced the sails, put on a new cap, renovated the woodwork and restored and oiled the machinery. Within four years the old mill was humming again.

They have built up a thriving business producing and selling organic flour to bakeries and wholefood shops. There are many restored windmills today that are little more than museum pieces, owned either by local councils or heritage groups. Mount Pleasant is one of the few privately owned commercially operating windmills in the country and is believed to be one of only two with its own bakery.

With an asking price of £375,000 it also comes with a house, tea room and shops.

After playing the jolly millers for the past nine years, Patrick and Jane are looking for a new challenge. They rather fancy doing up an old watermill.

Tom Montgomery

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