Old-timers do well in Holland

20 February 1998

Old-timers do well in Holland

NEW sire proofs from Holland show old timers recovering from their records-in-progress dip.

Jabot moves back into the top five with £119 PIN, Celsius into the top 10 with a PIN of £118 and Labelle into the top 20, with a PIN of £108.

Top Dutch sire is the Mascot son Etazon Knockout at £125 PIN.

From the same family as Knockout and also performing well is Target son Delta Novalis – now at number five with a PIN of £117.

Southland Marker, from the famous US Sweet family, confirms his position as the highest type bull in Holland, increasing his already record breaking type score of 118 to 119. His PIN is £88.

Most promising newcomer this time is the Mascot son Etazon Wallace with £116 PIN.

Also new is Belt son Holsteins Dennis at £115 PIN, and Mascot son Holim Lucky with £117 PIN.

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