One in five UK plants in decline

ONE IN five of Britain’s native plant species is threatened with extinction, according to the latest study of the country’s 1756 native plant species.

The study is considered to be the most comprehensive study of Britain’s flora.

After a two-year investigation 545 species – or 19.6% – are listed as “critically endangered”, “endangered” or “vulnerable to extinction”, according to internationally recognised criteria.

According to TheIndependent the survey has revealed that nearly 80 of our most common place plants are now listed as being at risk.

These include the corn buttercup, field gromwell and yellow bird’s nest.

The study, published by the Joint Nature Conservation Committee, highlights that although many of these newly-listed rare species can be found in at least 100 locations across the UK they are in fact in headlong decline.

According to the survey, over the past 40 years the corn buttercup has declined by 80% and the field gromwell and yellow bird’s nest by 65%.

The fall in plant numbers is largely attributed to intensive farming practises over the past five decades.

But the authors say they hope the recent changes to the CAP and the general take-up of environmental schemes will help to halt the trend.

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