One-pass OSRplanting

19 June 1998

One-pass OSRplanting

THE Autocast header mounted seeding unit could be a useful ally to farmers looking to plant oilseed rape and stubble turnips as they harvest.

The unit is basically a small pneumatic spreader, which allows metered seed to pass through a distribution head on its way to a series of spreader plates attached to the rear base of the header.

Normally one unit can cater for reasonably large headers, but two units are required for the 30ft brigade.

Drive for the metering unit is taken from a land wheel, which lifts clear when the header is raised and freewheels should the combine reverse with the header in the down position.

The drills fan is powered electrically and for the operator, it is a matter of keeping an eye on the seed-flow indicator light and a seed-low warning light – hopper capacity with oilseed rape is sufficient for about 8ha (20acres).

Price of the Autocast from Abrey &Son, Sa°ffron Walden, is £3700, fitted.

Sow as you harvest with the Autocast – a unit which, fitted to the combines header, broadcasts seed into the stubble.

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