One-stop advice on foodstuff storage

22 November 2000

One-stop advice on foodstuff storage

By FWi staff

A NEW centre has been set up to offer retailers and producers technical advice on storing foodstuffs.

If conditions are wrong, everyday foodstuffs become vulnerable to allergens, mites and fungi, reports the BBC Radio 4 Farming Today programme.

Dr Ken Wildey, director of the new Centre for Safe Commodity Storage, said the initiative brought together experts from different disciplines to find solutions more effectively.

He said the risk of contamination was minimal in commodities which reach the producer unaltered.

But detecting contaminants in processed foodstuffs formed from a wide range of materials were more of a challenge.

Dr Wildey stressed that the quality of UK food was good, and this new initiative was designed to look over the horizon and anticipate problems.

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