Only survivor of big shake-up

15 June 2001

Only survivor of big shake-up

ELLIOT Morley was the longest serving member of Nick Browns team at MAFF and he has, once again, become the only minister to survive the departmental shake-up.

He was appointed alongside Jack Cunningham back in 1997 and managed to keep his job as minister for the countryside and fisheries through a number of reshuffles.

Mr Morley has vast experience in agricultural issues. He was a member of the agriculture select committee between 1987-89 and opposition spokesman on food, agriculture and rural affairs between 1989-97.

He has a deep love of the countryside and is a keen environmentalist who lists ornithology among his interests outside of politics. &#42

Survivor… Elliot Morley is keen to see farmers joining agri-environment schemes and dislikes live exports.

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