Only time before Hague turns against hunting?

01 July 1998

‘Only time’ before Hague turns against hunting?

AUBERON WAUGH writes in The Daily Telegraph that he fears if Conservative party leader William Hague survives it can only be a matter of time before he comes out against hunting.

He says efforts have been made to underplay the 300,000-strong countryside march in London, earlier this year.

He says that it is untrue that the majority of marchers were nature lovers who wanted the countryside to be available for rambling. He says most were genuine country dwellers protesting against various forms of urban encroachment.

He concludes that perhaps next time the protesters “will burn down the House of Commons and stick any MP they find on a skewer like a pig”.

  • The Daily Telegraph 01/07/98 page 14 (Way of the World)

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