Optimum choice can prove tricky

2 March 2001

Optimum choice can prove tricky

WITH firm prices for pesticides increasingly hard to come by, choosing the most cost-effective fungicides for specific cases can be tricky, admits ADASs Bill Clark.

It is one of the reasons ADAS produced the HGCA Wheat Disease Management Guide, he explains.

The guide contains both star ratings on the strengths and weaknesses of active ingredients and their fungicide dose response curves.

"So you can just about compare products and therefore the level of disease control per pound spent. We hope to produce a financial comparison version one day."

The exercise is already being done within DESSAC, he notes.

"It takes prices for all actives or products and then uses the dose response curves to pick up the economic "best" treatments.

"The difficult comparison is between similar products, like the top five triazoles and the strob products." &#42

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