Orange flasher is volt-versatile

8 May 1998

Orange flasher is volt-versatile

ORANGE flashing lights tend to dominate the agricultural and construction industries – and for manufacturers of such devices, the pickings must lean on the rich side.

Latest development in this department comes from Britax which has now introduced a new multi-voltage Xenon beacon.

Designated the BXA 0A00.4, the beacon is able to operate on both AC and DC across a wide range of voltages – 10 to 110V DC and from 20-72V AC without adjustment. Power consumption is claimed to be 40mA at 100V and 145mA at 12V.

Built with impact-resisting polycarbonate lenses – and with no moving parts – price of the BXA 0A00.4 is £46.50 (01262-670161).

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