Organics rising fast

7 August 1998

Organics rising fast

ORGANIC arable producers are enjoying both an organic and a pioneering premium, according to Robert Kingdon of supermarket supplier Organic Farm Food.

Speaking at the first of three Scottish Organic Farm Walks last Thursday, Mr Kingdon told the 80 visitors to John Clarkes farm at Upper Lenshaw, Rothienorman, that supermarkets were aiming to increase sales of organic crops from 1% to 10% of fresh produce by 2000.

"But you must have a good conversion plan," said SACs David Younie. "Soil fertility should be built up before stopping using fertilisers, and weeds such as docks and thistles should be controlled."

"Organic Farm Foods imports potatoes six months of the year. There is a great chance for import substitution," said Mr Kingdon. &#42

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