OS maps take on digital look

15 March 2002

OS maps take on digital look

Pear Technology has developed a software package – PT Mapper – which uses farms Ordinance Survey maps to create a computer image.

"The grower sends us his OS paper maps which we then combine with the PT Mapper software to create a digital map," says the companys John Edwards.

"The map is sent back to the grower on a CD Rom which he can use to either edit, add in, or view information."

Mr Edwards says different layers of the map can be displayed to reveal details such as drainage, cropping and stewardship areas.

The map also enables areas and distances to be measured, while different fields can be colour coded and printed off at various scales.

Pear Technology claims the PT Mapper allows distances and areas to be measured 10% more accurately than paper Ordinance Survey maps.

Further facilities include the ability to create, join and remove boundaries and draw in buffer protection zones. Price of the PT Mapper software is £125. &#42

&#8226 See page 88 for our report on Precision Farming 2002.

The PT Mapper software replicates Ordinance Survey maps on a computer.

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