OSRoutput drops but quality holds

18 August 2000

OSRoutput drops but quality holds

A 30% fall in rapeseed production but quality similar to last year is the early indication from United Oilseeds annual rape survey.

From results so far, United Oilseeds estimates the 2000 crop will be in the region of 1.2m t against 1.7m t last year.

"We anticipate that the final yield will be slightly under 10% less than last year," says managing director Martin Farrow. Combined with a 19% drop in plantings that means domestic supply will be below demand.

The biggest yield drop – more than 13% – has been in East Anglia. Yields recorded so far range from 0.93t/ha (0.38t/acre) in Glos to 4.4t/ha (1.78t/acre) from Pronto in Lincs.

Initial oil analyses average 43%, suggesting similar oil content to last year.

OSR results (t/ha)

Area 1999 2000 % diff (England) final to Aug 9 result

South-east 3.31 3.24 -2.1

South-west 3.18 3.35 +5.3

East Anglia 3.65 3.16 -13.4

Central 3.14 2.99 -4.8

Midlands 3.02 2.80 -7.3

Total 3.38 3.17 -6.2

More than 5000ha of crop surveyed up to Aug 9.

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