Overseas data aids East Anglia

4 February 2000

Overseas data aids East Anglia

MORLEY Research Centres established links with French research centre ITCF and the Danish Institute of Agricultural Science look set to expand.

A German research centre is keen to collaborate with the Norfolk outfit, and researchers as far afield as Ohio in the US and Saskatch-ewan in Canada want to exchange data, said Morley director, Jim Orson.

"These exchanges bring our members insights into different approaches and we get results on pesticides which we havent yet had the chance to test in the UK. That means our trials can be much nearer the mark when we do get hold of the products," he said. Fungicide results between ITCF and Morley have proved fairly robust over four seasons work, though herbicides are more difficult, he acknowledged. Denmarks pesticide policy limits chemical trials but machinery trials are particularly well executed, he added.

No payment is made for the data exchanged and e-mail and cheap airfares mean costs are kept to a minimum, Mr Orson stressed. "You can go to Denmark for £60 return now," he said.


&#8226 Established French and Danish links.

&#8226 German, Canadian and US interest.

&#8226 Previews on new chemistry.

&#8226 New ideas for members.

Looking at overseas arable production data helps Morley target research and advice in the UK, said director, Jim Orson.

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