Pads, matting and more to fight virus

23 March 2001

Pads, matting and more to fight virus

IS disinfectant poured on to straw pads cost-effective, environmentally friendly or effective at preventing the spread of foot-and-mouth?

Manufacturers of foam-filled pads, absorbent matting, drive-through units and boot baths think not, as straw does not retain disinfectant. So what alternatives are on offer to producers?

Schmidt Internationals pads have a fibrous top and are available in several pre-cut sizes and in rolls up to 15m (50ft) in length and in two widths of 0.9m (3ft) and 1.2m (4ft). Mats are being sold at £11.85/sq m (01270-253063, fax 01270-581429).

Power Plastics are suppliers of pads, which are covered with a durable mesh fabric top, says the company. Pads are 1.9m (6.25ft) long and 0.9m (3ft) wide and can be used to disinfect wheels and/or hooves and shoes. Each pad costs £65 (01845-525503 ext222, fax 01845-525485).

Recticel Corby supply 6lb chip foam mats, which come in two sizes. The largest are 2m (6.6ft) long and 1.5m (5ft) wide, costing £30 and small mats are 0.45m (1.5ft) long and wide, costing £4.25 (01536-463423, fax 01536-400524).

Liquitrols disinfectant pads are secured by steel frames to concrete surfaces and are designed for heavy goods vehicles. They are 3.5m (11ft) long and 3m (10ft) wide and cost £399 each (01162-477907, fax 01162-477996).

TNN Wholesalers provide heavy duty, rubber matting with a carpet surface. Any size of matting is available on request, although widths are limited to 1m (3ft) or 2m (6.5ft). Prices are £15/sq m (0208-9862563 or 07960-945563).

Lubetech Industries are producing 46m (150ft) rolls of heavy duty absorbent matting, which are perforated to allow producers to tear off lengths and prevent waste. Rolls cost between £64-£112, depending on width required – 0.38m (1.2ft) or 0.76m (2.5ft) (0800-854182, fax 023-80909350).

Toolmart produces a tyre dip casing without any absorbent material, so cheaper straw mats can be used as disinfectant is held in the 5cm (2in) deep troughs, says the company. The dips come in three sizes – the largest is 3.6m (12ft) long and 0.9m (3ft) wide, costing £152 (01743-361800, fax 01743-341991).

Other products to help stem the spread of virus include:

A boot bath which uses rubber spikes to clean deep into footwear cleats and grips so as to maximise disinfectant penetration, available from Amtex. Side and centre brush strips also clean heels, toes and sides of boots. The bath costs £14.95 (01568-610900, fax 01568-610865).

Gateguard has developed a fully automated system which delivers consistent amounts and dilutions of MAFF-approved Antec disinfectant. The drive-through unit sprays disinfectant onto vehicle wheels as well as the vehicles underside. The portable unit is 3-5m (10-15ft) in width, and costs about £3000-£3500 for a basic model (01728-747805, fax 01728-748068).

Libra Wheelwashers offer a similar vehicle disinfecting system but high velocity spray hoses also disinfect the whole vehicle. The unit is 3.5m (11ft) wide and 1.5m (5ft) high and a basic model costs £4000 (0114-2477767, fax 0114-2514343).

A disinfectant-containing boot cleaner manufactured by Amtex.

Gateguard, a portable drive-through disinfection unit.

Perforated rolls of absorbent matting from Lubetech Industries.

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