Paper sludge is bedding option

31 May 2002


Paper sludge is bedding option

INCREASING straw prices and a need to lower mastitis infections has led one north-western company to develop a new alternative for bedding cows.

Designed for use in cubicles the new product EnviroBed is manufactured from paper sludge, a by-product of the recycling process.

It is claimed to be a major new weapon in the fight against mastitis, as it is sterile and almost completely dry, says Greenlands. However, it may not suit all systems as it requires a daily top up. It can be used either as a complete system using Semi-dry EnviroBed and EnviroBed or in conjunction with mats, requiring only EnviroBed to be used.

Greenlands, manufacturers of Envirobed, suggest a typical 200 cow herd would use 40t of the product through a 200-day winter.

Envirobed costs £48/t and is available either bulk blown or tipped (01772-860085, fax 01772-864715).

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