Part-time jobs

1 September 2000

Part-time jobs

are necessity

MORE than 40% of students work part-time during term, according to the National Union of Students latest Hardship Survey.

Getting money for basic living and study costs was the reason cited by more than two-thirds of those asked.

But the affect it can have on academic pursuits is clear, with 59% of people claiming it affected their studies and 27% their health.

"The need to work while in full-time education puts students under considerable pressure affecting, in many cases, the quality of their academic results as well as their physical and mental health," says a NUS spokesman.

Low pay and poor working conditions were the norm, with nearly a third paid less than permanently-employed workers doing the same job.

But 25% of respondents found it a positive experience, broadening their horizons and bringing them into contact with new people.

The survey also found three-quarters of full-time undergraduates in debt, with an average figure of £3181. And 17.6% of these estimated they would owe more than £9000 by the end of their course.

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