Paying over the odds for chemicals?

29 June 2001

Paying over the odds for chemicals?

ARE you paying too much for your agrochemicals?

Land agent Brown & Co believes many growers are. Its price comparison scheme shows some growers pay up to 48% more than others for the same chemical.

The companys Ag Chem Database scheme compares prices paid according to farm size and type, serviced or non-serviced supply and date of purchase.

This year some growers have already paid 47.8% more than others for penmedipham, 36.5% more for fluroxypyr, 36.3% for cycloxydim, 32.8% for azoxystrobin and 30.4% for epoxiconazole.

But differences are not solely due to farm size, level of service or location. A significant number of small growers paid less than larger ones for equivalent products, the company says. &#42

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