Pea milk not widespread option

7 August 2000

Pea milk ‘not widespread option’

HARD-pressed dairy farmers should not see milk alternatives as a widespread option, a union representative has warned.

For while interest is growing in alternatives such as peas and oat milk these are niche items, says Tom Hind, National Farmers Union assistant milk advisor.

And although they could offer some scope for diversification, their importance should not be overestimated, said Mr Hind.

He told the BBC Radio 4 Farming Today programme that pea and oat alternatives lack the nutrients and taste of cow milk, says.

Studies show that largely the level of nutrients and minerals available from these products is way below that can be obtained from milk.

He added: In studies adults and children have felt they dont taste as nice as milk. Thats an important factor as milks a great drink after all.

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