Personal SOS system

6 September 2002

Personal SOS system

WORKING alone in an isolated place is not without its dangers – an injury which needs urgent attention could result in a tragic death.

A new personal alarm system, which uses a combination of GPS tracking and GSM mobile phone technology, is now available from Kent-based Optyma Security Systems.

Designed to provide a reliable and effective link between the user and a constantly manned call centre, the systems GSM mobile phone is equipped with a GPS alarm unit which can be activated at the touch of a button.

A distress message is then automatically relayed to the call centre along with information regarding the location of the person raising the alarm.

The call centre can call the mobile phone to find out more information about the emergency situation and, if required, ask the alarm unit to send the location of the user.

If the caller is unable to respond the mobile phone can be set to answer automatically allowing the operator to listen and monitor the situation remotely.

Lease packages for the Insight system start from £2 a day per system, which covers equipment, call centre monitoring service and maintenance charges. Mobile phone network charges are extra. &#42

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