Photos: Curious cow rescued from wartime pillbox

An in-calf cow has been rescued after getting its head trapped in a concrete military pillbox in Lincolnshire.

The curious cow became stuck in the window opening and was unable to be freed by the farmer.

A vet and firefighters from the Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue team were called to assist at the incident at Gibraltar Point, near Skegness, on Wednesday morning (2 October).

The cow was sedated before being set free using heavy breaking equipment to knock away the window.

Despite slight swelling around the neck the cow walked away unscathed, with the rescue services leaving the scene at 17:30pm.

Spencer Creek, technical rescue manager for Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue, said it was one of the more unusual jobs for the team.

“Compared to fighting fires, this may seem a little bit strange, but because of the county’s rural nature, animals do occasionally get into danger. Normally when this does happen they have become stuck in mud or water, so this was a bit different.”





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