Pick-up – put down

2 October 1998

Pick-up – put down

WHILE a pick-up is undoubtedly a useful vehicle around the farm for transporting such commodities as firewood, sand and other bulk items, they are not renowned for their "put-down" characteristics.

Grimsby-based Load Management (UK) is now marketing a US-sourced system which, by merely turning a handle, unloads the contents of a pick-up bed in a matter of minutes. Comprising a sheet of tough nylon – cut to the length and width of the bed – attached to a winder at the rear of the vehicle, the operator lays the sheet on the bed before loading.

Unloading is simply a matter of opening the tail board and winding the sheet in.

Suitable, says the company, for use with all makes of pick-up, and fitted in minutes, the Loadhandler costs £199.

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